Chœur du Léman ∙ Coppet

Chœur d’hommes fondé en 1860


The choral group « Chœur du Léman » was founded in 1860, which makes it one of the oldest singing groups in Switzerland. We are based in Coppet on the northern shore of Lac Léman, often called Lake Geneva. The Vaudois town of Coppet lies between Geneva and Nyon and is one of the 8 communes in the Nyon district that are together called «Terre Sainte». We are very close to the Jura mountains and the french Départment of Ain. Coppet has a population of some 18,000 and covers about 25 km2, much of which is devoted to wine production. We live in a delightful rural setting with stunning views across the lake to the Alps and Mont Blanc.

Ours is a male voice choir comprising tenors 1 and 2, barytones, and basses. We are about 30 strong, singing mainly a capella. Our repertoire includes songs from the classics by the great composers, traditional folk songs from around the world, negro spitituals, modern popular songs, etc. We sing in whatever language the music requires, although french is the mother-tongue of most of our members.

The « Chœur du Léman » is directed by Olivier Borer, a well-known local organist, music teacher and choirmaster, aided and abetted by his second-in-command Olivier Fleury, a composer, music teacher and saxophonist. The music season of rehearsals starts in September and culminates to our traditional concert evenings held in March in local village halls. We normally invite another choir or music group to present their work during the second half of the evening. Then, as summer arrives, we sing at the occasional church service, village fête or similar event in the surrounding area to keep our voices in tune prior to the new season getting under way in September. Every second year the choir takes a trip of a few days to a more distant location in early September, when singing is combined with good food, good wine and friendly companionship.

So, friends and singers, lovers of music, if you live nearby, do come and join us, whether to sing or just to listen. You will be made very welcome. If you live further away and would like to hear what we have to offer, why not invite us to sing where you are ?

Translation : Brian Allardyce, Commugny